The Wee Lassie II

August, 2003

The Wee Lassie II is a 13-foot solo canoe built from Honduras mahogany strips, fiberglassed and varnished inside and out, and trimmed with Peruvian walnut, ash, and bird’s eye maple.  It is also a popular canoe for solo paddling, and was designed my Mac McCarthy of Feather Canoes, Sarasota, FL.  This is a single seat canoe, with a matching double paddle.  This canoe won best in its class at the Northeastern Woodworkers Showcase in Saratoga Springs, NY, in 2000.



The handling properties of this canoe are similar to a kayak, and it is best paddled with a double bladed paddle.  The seat shown is the “show seat”, and was raised by a removable riser to permit it to fit in the hull.  It may be removed and a smaller, lower-mounted seat installed, increasing its stability.  The smaller seat has not been built, and will require approximately two weeks to complete.  This boat includes both seats and the matching double paddle.