The JennyB  

August, 2003

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The JennyB is a seventeen-foot cedar strip canoe, with a 36Ē beam and 12.5Ē center depth.  It has slight tumblehome sides, and is based on an original Chestnut Canoe Company design called the Bobís Special.  The Bobís is a very popular canoe today, being built by amateurs and professionals alike.  The design may be built at 15 or 16-foot length, and if an additional shaping form is added amidships during construction, it becomes the 17-foot JennyB. 



The boat is stripped in western red and northern white cedars covered inside and out with fiberglass, with caned ash seats and ash trim.  It was recently revarnished after a season of use (a common maintenance procedure) and has not been used since, but does show some minor bruising on the fiberglass on the bottom.  It is comparatively stable, and with the added length and beam, is quite capable of being paddled with two adults aboard and two children as passengers.

This boat took second place in its class at the Northeastern Woodworkers Showcase in Saratoga Springs, NY, in 1999.