Builder's Corner

Rev. August, 2003

From time to time, I have written some essays, chapters, articles - whatever - about certain aspects of building strip boats.  I have confined most of it to general terms, not specific to any one boat, but to strip building in general.  These articles were prompted by the many questions and problems I have seen on the forums.  In order to properly and completely answer the question, it takes more space and pictures than are really appropriate or possible for a forum.

The descriptions, tools, methods, etc., may not be the last word on the specific subject, but they work for me in my shop.  There are as many ways to build a boat as there are builders, so I expect there to be as many different opinions.

If you need further information, would like my slant on a particular strip building problem, or have suggestions for new pages dealing with other aspects of strip building not included here, please don't hesitate to email me

Click on the links below for the articles.

Of Strips and Stripping  -  This chapter discusses making your own strips, what glue is used for what purpose, and rags on staples.

Making Strips - How to make those perfect strips.

Gunwales - Making and installing scuppered inwales and outwales.

Filling the Cracks  -  How to correct defects, dings, and cracks, and how to prevent them in the first place.

Fiberglassing - 101  -  This is how I fiberglass a boat.  It works for me....

Making Accent Stripes  -  Those dotted line stripes along the hull of a canoe are really neat.  Here's how I make them.

Making Stems  -  A nice relaxing hour or so and you will have a laminated stem.  It was never easier.

Shaping the Stems  -  Making a perfect rolling bevel means excellent glue joints for the strips.  Here's how.

Building the Wee Lassie II  -  A detailed illustrated construction article of building a single seat canoe from mahogany strips.

Working With Short Strips  -  You don't need full length strips.  Often shorter ones have advantages.

A Different Football - Why can't a canoe have a fancy bottom?  Here's what I did to my Bob's Special.